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My name is Andrey Popov (AMPART). I'm from Russia. I have been tattooing since 2009. All my life I love to draw and this is exactly what I try to reflect in my works. The technique of work is influenced by the passion for graffiti in my youth.
I work in black-and-grey realism (grey wash), precisely because this technique is very similar in execution and visually to drawing with a pencil. On the body, such works look very harmonious and stylish. For me, the most important thing is to get a tattoo so that it adorns the body, and not just a picture on the skin. I also try to achieve maximum volume for expressiveness and entertainment, and I love to add various artistic elements that further transform the tattoo into art.
It is very important for me to find a common language with the client, to understand what really drives him to create art on his body. A person comes with an idea and I have to turn it into a beautiful visualization that will decorate and will not lose its relevance over the years!


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Bodanstraße 36 - 38, 78462 Konstanz

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