Preparing for the session

1. You need to sleep well before the session
2. Do not drink alcohol at least a day before the session, and even more so on the day of the session
3. Refrain from coffee on the day of the session
4. Eat a good meal before the session

5. Take comfortable clothes so that you can easily get to the right place of work. It should also be borne in mind that clothes can be stained with paint during the session.
6. Bring yourself something for fun, as you will need to sit / lie for a lot of time

You can also simplify a little the task of the work itself:
1. Scrub the skin in 2-3 days
2. Up to 2 days of the session, slightly moisturize the skin


The healing process of a tattoo is very important - it is 50% of the result.

After the session

After the session, remove the bandage / compress after 1-1.5 hours. Rinse the tattoo thoroughly until it is "matte"  under warm water. Allow the tattoo to dry for 15-20 minutes, spread with a THIN LAYER of healing ointment. And if you are at home and the tattoo will not be in contact with anything (especially with animals), then you can leave it like that and let it “breathe”.

If there is a chance that the tattoo will come into contact with something, then after being smeared with ointment and letting it soak a little (5-10 minutes), you need to cover this place with a NEW disposable diaper. It is necessary to wash the tattoo and change the compress at least 4 times a day: in the morning, in the evening, and a couple of times during the day. Cover with a diaper at night.
Use diapers for the first two days (not including the day of the session).
Then wash, dry and smear with a thin layer of healing ointment. Until the tattoo completely peels off (about 10-14 days, but everything is very subjective).
After that, we simply moisturize the tattoo in the morning and in the evening until the skin on the entire tattoo becomes the same as usual (without excessive shine, scabs, etc.)The entire healing process takes approximately 20-30 days.
It should be borne in mind that the pigment itself sags in the skin, and the skin also has a slightly different structure during healing, as a result of which the tattoo will have its final version in about 30 days!

During healing, the categorical DO NOT:
1. Steam the skin (no very hot baths and saunas!)
2. Visit the pool, jacuzzi and other places (related to water) with the possibility of contamination
3. Exclude exposure to sunlight (solarium is also impossible) 4. Scratch the tattoo and help it peel off faster (at such moments it is better to rinse it once more and anoint it with a thin layer of ointment)
5. Visit the gym

If you notice something strange in the healing process, any allergic reactions to the ointment - immediately contact the studio administrator for advice!
And I remind you of the main things:
1. Rinse
2. Dry, let the skin "breathe"
3. Smear with a THIN layer of ointment